Turnaround on made to order stamped items is 4-6 weeks. Shirts will be 3-4 weeks.

Monthly Subscriptions


Do you like surprises? Or maybe you just like all your gear to match, but you don't like making decisions? We know decision making can suck butt, so we made a thing to help you out- a limited edition mystery tag subscription!

You can choose:

  • 3 months or 6 months
  • aluminum, brass, or a mix of both
  • tag size
  • what info goes on the back
  • crystal colors

All the above options will apply across your entire subscription, UNLESS you send me collar photos to match for each month. Sending photos for me to match is the only way to get varied options across your entire subscription.

What I choose:

  • fonts
  • design stamps
  • layout

Why you should pick a mystery subscription:

  • you don't have to make decisions
  • you get a discount for ordering 3 months at a time
  • you get a BIGGER discount for ordering 6 months at a time
  • discounted shipping rates are figured in (your initial order will charge shipping as usual)
  • everyone loves getting sparkly mail

Still have questions? Email me at chief@trashpandascloset.com



Three Month Subscription

Six Month Subscription


Check out a couple of my favorite ever mystery tags: