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Last minute gifts

  • Trash Panda's Closet Gift Card
  • Snowy Unicorn Ornament
  • GSP Bird Dog Shit- oops canvas zip bag
  • Less Hate, More Dogs canvas zip bag
  • Everything's Fine canvas zip bag
  • You Freaking Pinecone canvas zip bag
  • Emotional Breakdown canvas zip bag
  • Butthole Cat- oops canvas zip bag
  • Thanks, I hate it- oops canvas zip bag
  • Am I not hot when I'm in my feelings?- oops canvas zip bag
  • Less Hate More Dogs- oops canvas zip bag
  • It's a Beautiful Day canvas zip bag
  • CONFIDENTIAL canvas zip bag
  • Ready to Ship! Dead Inside but the Dog Looks Good on orange- size Large
  • Ready to Ship! Caffeine, Dogs, and 3 People on purple- size XL

What's new in shirts & stickers

  • Life's Too Short to Hunt With an Ugly Dog sticker
  • Yay, Space! holographic sticker
  • I Like Pretty Things and The Word Fuck- black holo sticker
  • On a Scale of One to Petty, I'm a Ten sticker
  • Intrusive Thoughts Are Winning holo glitter sticker
  • You're Really No Help At All sticker
  • Heart Paw T-Shirt
  • But What If I Didn't? T-Shirt

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